Tuesday, April 22, 2008

day 115 - confectionary!!

Yes, it's the 25th National Confectionary Exhibition right now, and we just had to go along. There are displays of traditional Japanese sweets and what can only be described as works of art in sugar - including a replica of the Himeji Castle. The crowds and the queues were crazy on the weekend, but the art of the master confectioners had to be seen to be believed!


robwalkerpoet said...

Yes, I KNOW it's spelt 'confectionery', but all the signage says confectionAry, so that was my primary source!

Merry in Japan said...

Hey Rob

I love reading your blog and learngin more about Himeji. Would it be possible for you to send me an electronic copy of your picture of the Himeji castle made of sweets. You were much sneakier than we were...ours didn't come out so good. Thanks!