Monday, June 9, 2008

day 162 - Let's enjoy Kobe!

The Chase.

Spruiker, Sannomiya.

Takeshi Ishikawa, brilliant jazz pianist, Sone.

Ide Atsushi plays bass, Sone Club.

You have to appreciate the spirit of the people of Kobe. If you've just arrived from some other planet, a massive earthquake hit this part of Japan on Jan 17, 1995 (7.5 on the Richter Scale which isn't used here.) Here the quake is known as Hanshin-Awaji, or the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Kobe was the worst-affected area with the tragic loss of 6 500 lives, the overnight creation of 300 000 homeless, the destruction of much of the port and the city infrastructure and the devastation of the elevated Hanshin Expressway. Fast-forward 13 years and the city - and the people - have recovered completely. 
Quit apart from all of this, Kobe is just one very cool city, always buzzing - especially around Sannomiya station and Harborland - and we love it. We've been to Sone Jazz Club twice already and plan to go back. Even the street buskers play bebop!

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