Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life continues...

                                       Onsen-hopping in Kinosaki, November 2008

Our meticulous journal ended very abruptly - much like our life in Japan - over seven months ago. We've decided to leave all of Rob & Lyn's Amazing Adventures in The Land of The Rising Sun posted (at least as long as Blogspot exists.)
As we say in the header, you can always read this journal backwards (which is actually the way it all happened) and learn a lot about Japan. No one sends us comments now  - although you're still welcome - but the site still gets heaps of hits (Google 'wakarimasen' and our li'l ole blog still comes up third place!)
We're leading a tour of highschool students to Japan for 3 weeks in September, so there might even be some wakarimasen post-scripts yet...

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Matt Walker said...

Yay! Wakarimasen Season 2 Episode 1!

Make sure you say hello to Toshi from Em and I!!