Monday, December 1, 2008

day 333 - Shimoda 2

We stayed out of Shimoda at yet another beach with the name Shirahama. It was a beautiful setting about 7Ks out of town, so we could walk or catch a bus, depending on the weather. (For Adelaide readers: if Shimoda with its hi-rise was like Glenelg, Shirahama was like the South Coast - a laid-back hangout for surfers.)

On the second day we walked into Shimoda along the coast, then took a ropeway to the top of Nesugata-yama.

Which way?
The plan was to walk down behind the mountain, back to Shirahama Beach. There were plenty of signs but our Kanji isn't so good. After a few anxious moments and some 'blue sky solutioneering', we made it back to the pension.

All of the little ryokan-style hotels in Shirahama are called 'pensions' (as well as a smattering of English, words from other European languages seem to be seen as stylish.) Our wonderful host (and former dancer) Yamamoto-san posed unabashedly for a departing photo!

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