Thursday, December 11, 2008

day 344 - Kumano Kodo (2)

A few more shots of random stuff we passed on our walk from Yunomine to Hongu:

The Water-wavers. These figures scare the hell out of unsuspecting Walkers by randomly waving. They're connected by ropes to a device operated by flowing water.

A donation left in the crack of this jizo is supposed to relieve ailments. I left this for my dad's back!

Deserted hot water pot, Tea-house ruins.

Shitake mushrooms growing on  logs.

A tea plantation.

Most visitors approach Hongu Taisha via the 158 stone steps, although we came in the back way over the mountains. The original shrine stood further down the valley on a sandbank of the Kumano-gawa, but was washed away by a massive flood in 1889.

The main Hongu Taisha, the holiest shrine of the Kumano faith, which is said to enshrine Izanagi-Okami, the Sea God who gave birth to Japan itself.

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