Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Return (Day 12) - The Way of Tea

First some more from yesterday. After Mt Shosha we made our way to the Hyogo Museum of History with its displays of the prefecture’s wares over the millennia.

Himeji castle is reflected in the glass walls of the museum.

Charlie dons a samurai warrior’s helmet.
Charlie dons a samurai warrior's helmet.

Tash won the lottery-draw to be dressed in the junihitoe (12-layered kimono) formerly worn by princesses.

Now to today...

The Way to Tea. We follow the back-streets of Himeji behind the castle to the home of Itsuyo...

Itsuyo Tatsuta has been learning The Way of Tea from her Sensei in Kyoto for almost 30 years. When she heard we were coming back she said she and her Tea students would love to instruct our students in The Way of Tea. The new name for Tea Ceremony is appropriate – it’s a whole field of knowledge applying not just to the ritual itself, but the pottery, the bamboo-craft, the art, the flower-arranging, the poetry and the seasonal aspect of sharing tea and sweets with special guests. We were very honoured to be given the opportunity to be given instruction in the centuries-old traditions of tea and to participate in the making and serving of O-cha. 

Mitchell whisks...
Mitchell whisks...

Alex wipes.

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