Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Return (Day 13) Shinjuku, Asakusa & Harajuku

Our first day in Tokyo is a public holiday – the perfect opportunity for our students to explore the huge city with their host families and for us to get to the markets at Asakusa.

We start off where every tourist begins – the Kamanarimon gate to Nakamise shopping street and the Senso-ji temple.

Communal stroller

We can buy pretty much anything in these stalls. Honestly. Yes we can...

Worshippers purify themselves with incense before praying in the temple

A procession of monks files past the Hozo-mon.

Touching these giant rice-straw rope sandals is supposed to make you a good walker. I always strive to be a better Walker 

In the afternoon we took a train to Takeshita Street in Harajuku. It's a busy place.

Busy places have to have rules...


Ben said...

Smorking is bad for your health, I believe.

robwalkerpoet said...

Smorking seems to be perfectly acceptable here. Where else could you buy cigarettes with names like Hope or Peace?