Friday, October 2, 2009

The Return (Day 14) - Asuka

Today was our first full day at Asuka High. Our students participated in a range of lessons with their host buddies. We got to wander around the school and join in too.

Asuka is a kind of experimental state high school with special selection (about a third boys, two-thirds girls.) There is a strong emphasis on practical subjects and The Arts. The works on the walls were of a high standard.

Horticulture is also on the curriculum. I think these guys were picking grubs off the cabbages.

Some of our students had a go at Sakura on koto. Tash was a natural...

Another fantastic painting by a former student.

Sitting badminton. It improves accuracy.

Jack and friend mime a Tug o' war in a drama lesson. Drama in high school is unusual here.

In the evening the English teachers and Kocho-sensei took us out to a sumptuous kaiseki feast at Sugamo restaurant

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