Saturday, September 6, 2008

day 250 - ROYGBIV - kiiro

Today's colour, boys and girls, is YELLOW.

Can you guess what this yellow object is? The iPod's just there for scale. Hint: No, it's not a nose-clip for a synchronised swimmer on Human Growth Hormones. (Competition open only to residents outside of Japan!)

Boletus mushroom.
Palace Park, Kyoto.

Minamiotemaedori, Himeji.

Beetles harvesting pollen.
Akan Lake, Hokkaido.

Sanyo Chugako.

Saga Station, out of Kyoto.


Alan said...

I'm guessing that yellow thing is either a medieval torture device or some sort of toilet seat opener.

robwalkerpoet said...

Very creative suggestions, Alan, but you're WAY off beam...

Alan said...

Ah well, thought I'd take a wild stab at it anyway. So what is it actually?

robwalkerpoet said...

I'll take one more guess...

robwalkerpoet said...

OK Alan (and anyone else who cares), I'll put you out of your misery.
You know in these humid countries when everyone hangs their stuff outside to air or dry?
Well this is the Mother-Of-All-Clothes-Pegs for hanging out your blankets or futon so they don't fall onto the ground. Which is no small problem if you're on the 47th storey of an apartment...