Sunday, September 21, 2008

day 264 - shakuhachi

The foot of the shakuhachi retains the roots at the base of the single piece of bamboo from which it's made.

The very temperamental utaguchi ("blowing edge").

Just a beginner on a very long road...


The Maker?

I've been learning the shakuhachi for a couple of months now from a lovely man by the name of Harada-sensei. He doesn't speak English! My friend and former work-colleague Shima comes to lessons and helps to translate. I haven't bought my own instrument yet, but Harada-san has been generous enough to lend me a very old and beautiful instrument that was given to him by his teacher. He has no idea how old the instrument is, but he says it's of a thickness and tone that is hard to find today. I'll be satisfied if I can just play well one traditional Japanese song before I have to return to Australia...

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