Wednesday, September 17, 2008

day 261 - Kyoto oddities

Well we were back at school today and Amy and D were having their last day in Osaka. By this time tomorrow they'll be back in Adelaide. Here are a few more quirky things that happened yesterday around Kinkakuji (The Golden Temple.)

Brand Name Puns.
I needed some help with these. I could see they were Marlboro, Nike & Adidas, but Yoko & Chiaki explained that Narl(naru)hodo, Daeki and Kazides(u) mean "I agree", "Saliva" and "It's Fire." Perhaps it loses a little in translation...
(Souvenir shop outside of Kinkakuji.)

Yen by an offering bowl.

We got to talking to a group of schoolgirls from Tokyo with their teacher. They insisted on having us in a joint photo! (All Japanese under 30 do the peace sign and say cheezu!)

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