Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Return (Day 20) Going, going... gone? Typhoon Melor.

(Not much of a photo, but it tells the story - flooded rivers and unusually deserted streets!)
We left our hotel early to meet the students at Tokyo Station. The information screens on the train were announcing the closure of many services due to to the typhoon. At Tokyo station we found that our express to Narita had been cancelled, but we were able to take an earlier (but slower) local train. There were a lot of delays along the way. On arrival at Narita it was confirmed that our Singapore Airlines flight had been delayed for 8 hours, but they could organise 12 tickets on an ANA flight leaving in an hour or so. But the time we'd been weighed, re-ticketed and x-rayed we had to run the length of the airport to make our flight!
The take-off was the scariest I've experienced. As the winds buffeted the jet, it swerved from side to side as it accelerated up the runway. We were getting knocked around in the seats. The turbulence continued for at least the first 15 minutes of the flight - until we were above the weather. Amazingly, after our little adventure, we didn't get into Changi any later than our original schedule!

When the train doors opened it was obvious that the winds were still high..

(photo from ABC online)

(photo from CBS)

(photo from Times online)
5:33 a.m.: Not sure at this stage whether Typhoon Melor will ground our flight or not...

6:30 pm (Singapore time) We got out! It was only later that we saw the damage on the news...


layers said...

I just found your blog.. I like the name of it as I just returned from 10 days in Kyoto and I used the word 'wakarimasen' a lot. loved it there and want to return already... you are so lucky to be living there.

robwalkerpoet said...

Thankyou, Donna. Sadly I don't live in Japan. The Melor day was our last one in that amazing country. Now we're back in Cherry Gardens, South Australia!