Thursday, July 10, 2008

day 192 - biru garden

Look out bar-maids and bar-men! The robotic beer-pourer has arrived! It begins at a tilt and gradually straightens as it fills. A separate nozzle adds the piece-de-rĂ©sistance head. Chris checks out the quality...

The nearby biru garden on top of the Forus Building, complete with plastic coconut palms...

Chugalug, Cecy!

Some of the Shirasagi Gang.

In Australia beer gardens are an old pub institution (currently undergoing a revival in Adelaide to accommodate the new no-smoking-indoors laws). In Japan they tend to be seasonal pay-upfront and eat-and-drink-all-you-like affairs. On Tuesday night we gave Steve a send off (it was a good excuse to pay A$30 and eat and drink our fill.) A great way to spend a hot summer's night...


Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

Hi Rob,
Sometimes when I read your blog, I feel like we are living in parallel universes. And now I am convinced, WE ARE!!! I can see the same city view of FORUS in downtown Oita, a ten minute walk from where we live. After reading your post, will have to check out the refreshing beer garden (surely there must be one in the Oita Forus too?!)
The construtction worker series is funny.
I can gather that you have as many cranes going up (not the birds unfortunately) as we do.
Take care.

robwalkerpoet said...

Yeah, there's quite a bit of construction going on here (including Shinkansen overpass & little malls underneath,) but Himeji seems to have a good sense of history, so they're not destroying the GOOD old stuff.
Glad you're enjoying the series. I get a lot of fun out of reading signage around here!