Saturday, July 26, 2008

day 208 - The Naruto Whirlpools

What we all come to see!

Aerial of Naruto Ohashi.

Approach to the bridge.

Seawater drains over the rocky ledge.

The pedestrian section is suspended below the traffic, so cars are just a rumble overhead.

Glass viewing sections in the floor.

is now connected to the 'mainland' of Honshu in two places. We came by train via the Seto Ohashi ('Inland Sea Bridge') in the NW of Shikoku. The Naruto Ohashi carries the last section of the expressway which carries auto traffic all the way from Akashi, near Kobe (i.e. the NE of Shikoku - see a map!) We took a local bus from Tokushima to see the famous bridge and the Naruto Whirlpools.
The bridge is built over a rocky ledge across the channel. The straits are so narrow, and the volume of water so great, that the outgoing tide forms spectacular vortices close to low-tide. By walking halfway across the bridge you get a seabird's-eye-view of the action. You can also go out for a cruise and get swirled around!


Merry in Japan said...

We saw the whirlpools but boat. It was pretty cool to "Be out in them". RJ was a bit freaked, but obivously we survived!

robwalkerpoet said...

Hey Hammes family! Sorry we missed you leaving. Have a great life back in the states,
Rob & Lyn