Monday, October 13, 2008

day 286 - the local autumn festival

On Sunday our neighbours from the local Shinzaike shrine invited us to participate in their autumn harvest festival by helping them with the procession of their yatai (portable shrine float) around the district. It was a GREAT day!

A bit of friendly local argy-bargy as neighbouring districts show off their strength and prowess. But this was late in the day. Let's go back to the beginning...

Helen and Ray were lucky enough to arrive in the middle of festival season, so they joined us early morning at the Shinzaike shrine.

The Shirasagi teachers were honored to be invited to help carry the yatai.

The floats carry two taiko drummers. All the rostered Shinzaike drummers are kids.

Detail of the beautiful wood carving.

The local kids help to pull the yatai (now on wheels) up the slope to out local playing fields and Earthquake Evacuation Area. (You can just see Himeji castle on the horizon, centre.)

Ray samples fried tofu at the lunch rest.

Bringing in the next generation. Thanks Shinzaike residents for a wonderful day!

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