Thursday, October 16, 2008

day 289 - Okayama

Born of a sexy peach, Momotaro, (who later in his amazing travels defeated a three-eyed oni with the help of his loyal buddies Monkey, Dog and Pheasant) is commemorated widely in Okayama. On the day we were there Momotaro also had the assistance of two feral pigeons...

Korakuen Gardens, near Okayama Castle. The happy newly-weds were posing on a stone bridge, not the roof of the boatshed.

Kurashiki. With pruned willows, medieval architecture, straw hats and sampans, this scene could be lifted straight off a Willow-pattern plate...

In feudal times Kurakishi ("village warehouse") was a wealthy centre for the surrounding fertile plains where rice was barged to the granary. Later it became the base for a textile industry. Today the beautifully-preserved black-tiled whitewashed buildings are museums, galleries and souvenir shops for Japanese and foreign tourists wanting to experience a peaceful slice of Edo period history.

Kame (turtles) playing 'king of the castle'.

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