Thursday, October 30, 2008

day 303 - bamboo (6) - Design

Family Crest near Matsue Castle.

Bamboo has a rich history in Japanese design. It may symbolise Nature, Purity, Strength or Fexibility in the form of leaves, shoots or culms. Flowering or snow-covered it may be a metaphor for season. It can be found in crests or represented on a bamboo product itself, such as a screen or fan.

Lantern base in the shape of a bamboo stalk.

Ceramic roof tiles may have originally been  capping to extend the life of bamboo rafters.

Sparrows nesting in leaves.
Edo Period painted shoji screen,
Old Hagi.


Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

When I visit your blog, I feel as if I am visiting Japan.
I know, I live in Japan. But you find a world of things, a part of Japan, that I rarely find in my everyday life.

Recently-ish, I started a new blog, if you have a chance please stop by. The things I find are another Japan. Its so interesting how we are attracted to the things we find, its my inquiry and search.

Thanks for a place to remember that there still is this Japan.

robwalkerpoet said...

Thanks Joanne. I admit I'm luckier than most. I work part-time and travel a lot in my holidays - often to the country or "old Japan" because that's what interests us. We haven't even bothered to visit Tokyo this time. The world's big cities are becoming more identical every year. Himeji is a smaller city which is modern and friendly, and you can still find traditional ways if you know where to look. I think everyone sees a new place with "new eyes." When we're in avery familiar environment we tend to take a lot of things for granted. Thanks again for your comments!