Sunday, October 26, 2008

day 299 - bamboo (2) - construction

Bamboo isn't much used structurally today in contemporary buildings, although it seems to be regaining popularity in ornamentation. This museum at the foot of Mt Shosa (out of Himeji) is itself built inside a tiny grove of bamboo and harmonises with both the vegetation and the mountain.

Its hollowness gives it lightness, but it's the dividing lateral nodes which provide strength.

Lashed together it's a firm platform.

Traditional bamboo floor around the irori (sunken fireplace.)
Housing Museum,

Fence rail, 

Bamboo scaffolding is extremely flexible - a huge advantage in a country where earth tremors are common. When we first visited Singapore in 1978 multistorey buildings were being constructed inside of  tied bamboo rigging ten storeys high.

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