Monday, August 18, 2008

day 231 - suburban rice (2)

Rice mansion. Obviously these are not poor rice-farmers on the bones of their bum. I read that this kind of landscape was a common thing around outer-Tokyo only twenty years ago, but now it's almost disappeared. Fortunately it's still common-place around Himeji. Recently we've seen a lot of rice-fields swallowed up by new subdivisions as we take the train between here and Kobe. It would be a great pity to see them disappear here as they are part of a way of life and provide open space and  the best outdoor classroom for kids!

A courier van appears to be making its way across the rice fields.

Lyn's walk to school. Lyn took this from the top floor of Asahi Chugako. It shows part of her daily walk to school where she took all the rice photos.

Almost ready to reap and netted against marauding birds. This is the rice paddy next to our stop for Bus 11. (Shirasagians call this 'the rice-paddy bus stop'!)

An almost-ripe head of rice.

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