Saturday, August 23, 2008

day 236 - Toya to Sapporo

Nakajima. On our last morning at Toya we took a cruise out to these islands which are four peaks of a submerged mountain. We managed to sight wild deer, squirrels and an unidentified woodpecker...

Ezo (Hokkaido) Deer were released on Nakajima. Free from predators, they soon began breeding and eating out the island. Unfortunately they've had to be selectively culled to redress the balance.

Queen Erizabeth Rose.
Botanic Gardens of Hokkaido University, Sapporo.
Her Glacious Majesty would be so ploud.

Japanese Red Dragon Fly. 
(Botanic Gardens, Sapporo.)

Ezo Wolf. Hokkaido University Museum, Botanic Gardens, Sapporo.
He's pissed off because he's stuffed, confined to a glass case - and he's extinct. When it became a threat to Western-style farming, the Hokkaido wolf was methodically and ruthlessly exterminated. By 1880 it ceased to exist on the planet.

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