Sunday, August 24, 2008

day 237 - Saturday in Sapporo

Q: What has plastic teats and gives milk?

A: A plastic cow. 
We stumbled on a Hokkaido Dairy Promotion. Only the Japanese would invent a mechanical cow. It doesn't kick, so it's safe for the kiddies. (Note redundant real cow behind looking on forlornly.)

Sapporo has a fantastic linear park which divides the city North/South. It's called Odori ('Big Street.') One end has the Sapporo TV Tower which reminded us of the Eiffel Tower...

The other end of Odori Park, not L'Hotêl des Invalides, but the Former Court of Appeals. Lyn is appealing.


AdelaideBen said...

Hope you enjoyed Sapporo... it's my second home. After Adelaide that is. You can check out my take on Sapporo at (about half way through writing up my 6 trips to Japan).

I've just started perusing your blog - looks like it's going to take me a long time to go through it.

robwalkerpoet said...

Yeah, posting my comments & photos on a daily basis for a year took a lot of determination (my wife would say 'obsession'!) but it's a great memory & record of our year in Japan. And it's all still up here, so we still get occasional comments from browsers like you.
Writing your comments after several years must feel weird!
Thanks for posting AdelaideBen