Monday, August 25, 2008

day 238 - Sapporo Beer

A trip to this city wouldn't be complete without a beer tasting and tour of Sapporo Brewery. But it's complicated. The Sapporo Factory is now a shopping mall. The real factory (called the Hokkaido Brewery) is a typical modern brewery out of town - all stainless steel tanks so you can't see anything & technicians in white coats. The Sapporo Beer Garden is a former sugar factory which has has all of Sapporo's old brewing paraphernalia moved in. It's here you see the display, taste the product and have a meal if you want to.

The red star logo goes right back to the Kaitakushi government of 1869. (Former Government Building.)

Three great Japanese beers - Asahi, Sapporo and Yebisu were once owned by the giant DaiNippon Beer Company.

A century of Sapporo beauties.

Our visit to the Biru Garten ended with Aussie lamb a la Ghengis Khan. Here it's called Jingisukan and the style can be traced back to Mongolia. You cook your own meat on a convex hotplate which looks a lot like an upturned Mongolian helmet. Oishi desu. Delicious.

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robyn said...

Hi Rob
I am having a T&D session on blogging and have looked at your site so now I can find out what you have been doing for 238 days!
Cheers to Lyn.
Robyn Wilkins