Sunday, August 31, 2008

day 243 - crossing Hokkaido

Asahidake to Asahikawa. Rain is what makes this lush country what it is, so you have to expect to see some occasionally. We're grateful that it's held off while we've done our hiking and it's pouring on the day we criss-cross the island.

This is rice, but as well we see vast plains of vegetables, corn and pasture for dairy cattle. Totally unlike the rest of Japan, it's similar to the Australia with which we're familiar and perhaps the mid-west of North America with which we're not. The houses could be almost anywhere in the world. (That's our well-travelled Flinders Camping backpack in the foreground.)

The tired traveller's consolation on a wet day. It's not easy, but somebody has to do it.

After Obihiro the tracks follow the coast so closely that in places the waves seem likely to wash under the wheels. 

Wed, August 27.
There's no easy way to go directly from Asahidake to Kushiro on the Eastern coast of Hokkaido so we bus back to Asahikawa, then take a train back to Sapporo and another on to our destination. It rains all day.

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