Sunday, August 31, 2008

day 244 - Kushiro: cranes and seafood.

Koshiro is the closest city to the Kushiro Wetlands and the Shitsugen National Park we want to visit. It also has the BEST seafood...

There are plenty of cranes to be seen around the city, but so far, no real ones...

We ate a LOT of fresh sashimi at Washo Markets - tuna, salmon roe, scallops and prawns. Oishi!

On Yorke Peninsula, South Australia we call these "sea-squirts." I'm not sure if you have them raw or cooked, but they didn't appeal to me.

Tako (octopus) tentacles. We've had these before, but not this time. Very photogenic.

Smelt. Funny name. They didn't smell, either. We had these later, Robata. Very succulent and sweet.

Fresh seafood self-cooked on the charcoal grill is called Robata. We loved it.

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