Sunday, November 9, 2008

day 313 - bamboo. Just a pole...

Just a pole. So many possibilities...

Around here you'll find a bamboo pole in many back sheds supporting the drying annual crop of onions.

"We Didn't Start the Fire."
The hostess at our stay in a Gassho Zukuri ('praying hands' grass house) in Ainokura Valley gets the evening fire going in the irori (traditional fireplace.)

Punting pole.
Canal, Kurashiki.

Drying racks for kelp.
San-in coast.

These streamers-on-poles are called haraigushi. The streamers or shide are the same zigzag paper streamers you see on Shinto shrines. When attached to the stick (kushi), they become rallying 'flags' for religious festivals and even prods to protect mikoshi (portable shrines) in yatai fighting festivals.

The guy on the pole both propels the boat and protects it from rocks on the Hozugawa (Hozu River.)

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