Tuesday, November 11, 2008

day 315 - to Fukiya!

Fukiya Woodblock print.
(Artist unknown.)
Fukiya was established in the late C18th/early C19th. It's one of the best architecturally-integrated villages of its type and is now preserved by law. We stayed there with Reg, Pat & Yoko and had a FANTASTIC time.

We stayed in the Fukiya International Villa, very spacious accommodation modelled after an old soy-sauce warehouse.

Every window offered another vista of this Meiji-period village

During the day bus coaches disgorge their cargo onto the streets. Larger coaches just manage to fit between the roofs of the main street. In the evenings and on Monday we felt like we had the village to ourselves!

Another great view from the villa.

The dominant colour of the village comes from the iron-oxide rich clay. Even the local cloth was coloured the same rust-red from the traditional Bengara dye.

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