Friday, November 28, 2008

day 331 - Fujicolor

After being amazed at the sheer height, mass, symmetry and beauty of Fuji-san, the first thing most people want to do is to capture the perfect image. Visibility is a problem. At that altitude, it's a rare day when there isn't cloud obscuring the summit.

The second problem is that most people are speeding past in a train. You may not want that factory in the foreground.

... or a wall.

A bridge is a little more aesthetic.

We scanned the horizon, fingers poised, all the way up the Izu Peninsula by bus between Dogashima and Shuzenji, envisaging curling waves with Fuji behind a la Hokusai, only to be foiled by cloud cover.

The following morning, as the local train pulled out of the Shuzenji station, there it was. Just sitting behind the houses and a row of hills...

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robwalkerpoet said...

Kind of wish I was still there now...