Monday, November 24, 2008

day 327 - the bamboo brush-off.

Animal-friendly brush.

Shodo & Sumi-e.
Traditional fude for both sumi-e (brush painting) and shodo (brush calligraphy) were always bamboo with bristles from various animals. The exception were those made by certain Zen buddhist monks who refused to use animal products. The monks developed a technique of repeatedly splitting the fibres on the end of the bamboo (like a chasen tea-whisk) until they achieved a brush effect.

Sumi-e. One of the first subjects that sumi-e students tackle is bamboo itself...

A range of fude (calligraphy brushes.)

The brush individualises kanji characters. This is "Lyn" ("RIN" = trees or forest).

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Yuki said...

I'm curious as to how well those split bamboo brushes work.