Wednesday, November 19, 2008

day 322 - personal bamboo breeze

Traditional Japanese fans come in two types: the sensu (folding) and the uchiwa (flat).
Both were - and are - made of bamboo and paper, although you also often see plastic versions these days.

The beauty lies as much in the delicate painting as the exact construction.

Sensu are often intricately painted and occasionally have gold leaf applied.
Kanazawa Gold Leaf showrooms.

A range of sensu fans.
Souvenir shop,

The uchiwa is made from just two pieces of bamboo. The handle is continuously split and splayed to form the ribs.
Mt Masui

These uchiwa fans may be decorated just as diversely as the folding variety.
Kokoen Gardens,
Himeji Castle.


Yuki said...

Speaking of Japanese things with delicate painting, are you familiar with maki-e pens? I came across a few online last week and I've been drooling over them since.

robwalkerpoet said...

Hi Yuki,
I just looked up maki-e online and I think I may have seen these designs before on lacquerware - but didn't know the name. The pens look amazing!

Yuki said...

Oh ooops, before I forget, this is just Alan finally getting around to changing everything over to his pseudonym.


robwalkerpoet said...

Thanks, umm... Alan. As for the new name, I'm not even going to ask...